We are pros

Our fantastic crew

Our crew is among the best in the field. We have approximately 25 indonesian crew members that are dedicated to our guests. We don't just demand hard work from our crew but also reward them with fair employment standards.

Nora Nigg

Managing Director and Cruise Director

Nora is originally from Switzerland and has lived in Southeast Asia for over 16 years, where she worked as a diving instructor and managed a dive resort. In 2018, Nora started as Amira's cruise director. She then took over the position of managing director and became co-owner of the ship in 2021. She also continues to look after our guests during our tours as cruise director. Even after all these years, she is a passionate diver and loves to show our guests the beauty of Indonesia, above and underwater. Her many years of experience in Indonesian diving areas, extensive knowledge of all departments on board, combined with her background in hotel management and finance make her an indispensable member of our management team.


Kai Wuerde

Operations Manager and Cruise Director

Kai has been living in Indonesia for the past 15 years and started sailing indonesian waters in 2013. Originally from Germany he decided to make Indonesia his new home. His main responsibility is the upkeep and maintenance of our Princess. With his strong background in carpentry and mechanics he is the perfect man for this job. He started his career as a Cruise Director and has worked on a few other liveaboards in indonesian waters as he  gathered an extensive knowledge about the underwater world. With over 10 years of experience he still loves to join trips as one of our Cruise Directors. If you are lucky enough to join a trip on Amira with him as your guide we are certain that you will love to listen to some of his stories that he encountered throughout his time here.

Ading Tawaris

Cruise Director

Ading has been with Amira since day one! We got him on board after he has worked as a Dive Guide on other ships in the Indonesian Archipelago. With his experience, there are not many more people that know the waters here as well as he does. After years of being a Dive Guide he has worked his way up to Assistant Cruise Director and is now one of our main CD´s. Whereever the boats sails, most likely Ading has been to those places before and knows most dive sites from the top of his head.

Cruise director





Chief Engineer
We want to sustain our responsibility in the long term; To our guests, to our employees, but also towards nature, which has made the fairy tale of the princess "Amira" a reality. Let us pamper you so you can get enchanted by Indonesia!