Many people talk about sustainability. However we have always been living according to the principles of sustainability on the Amira on a daily basis because we believe that actions are more powerful than words.
We constantly strive to keep our emissions as low as possible and always attempt to achieve even more sustainable alternatives. More specifically ...
  • We only buy local / regional food and do not import meat
  • We avoid or reduce disposable plastic products
  • We work and deal with local suppliers - we use and sell fairly produced articles from biological, sustainable materials
  • We are economical with machines, engines and fuels
  • We pay close attention not to spill a drop of oil
  • We try to avoid spillage of oil
  • We support organizations in their valuable work, which benefit our uniquely beautiful planet, the diving paradises and the environment of Indonesia.

We compensate our CO2 emissions
by supporting the following projects
in Indonesia

Compost & Recycling
Biogas from Pig Manure


  • Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.
  • Offset carbon emission for your flights.
  • Do not bring single use plastic products to Indonesia.
  • Be mindful about water use and air conditioning use.
  • While diving do not harm the reefs or any living creature.
  • Use only reef friendly sun lotion.
  • Set your own standards of sustainability.

Our Suppliers

We consciously refrain from importing any meat products, food or other type of products. We source our food and other on-board products locally from sustainable and socially responsible suppliers. For this purpose, we visit our suppliers to see first-hand their production process and local working conditions. We are not about avoiding plastic entirely (or to ride a fad of "anti-consumption). Rather, we are interested in the development of long-term and meaningful solutions for the conservation of our natural resources and sustainable consumption. These are solutions that are consistent with a high-quality stay of our guests on board the Amira. Also, please keep in mind that we are functioning within an emerging market of Indonesia hence the range of products is limited. Yet that will not stop us from always trying to find the best, the most useful - and the most sustainable solution for you. Below you will find a list of trading partners and their products that we would like to recommend for you. Should you still be missing something, we would be more than happy to hear from you and to assist in any way possible.


Tasini are the mascots of the anti-plastic bag movement in Indonesia made by local producers of recycled plastic waste. The cute-looking little rays, sharks, turtles or cuttlefish are attached to a key fob, as well as to a fabric tote bag that can be used over and over again instead of just once. Plastic bags could thus become a thing of the past.

Thank me later

This sun lotion, made from natural ingredients and containing zinc and titanium dioxide, moisturizes the skin and protects againts harmful sun rays while also being ocean and reef friendly. The lotion is made with love and care in Bali, not animal tested, and the packaging is made from recycled plastic.

Blue Azure

Blue Azure manufactures and sells functional, durable and sustainably produced sportswear. The company was founded by Fay, an experienced clothing specialist with a passion for the ocean. He rigorously focuses on high quality, environmental sustainability and newest innovation using exclusively recycled material for production and packing purposes. The company's headquarter is in Bali but also produces sportwear in Bandung.

Baruna Silver

Baruna Silver manufactures jewellery in Celuk (Bali) featuring maritime motives such as turtles, clown fish, seahorses, rays etc. All products are handcrafted by local Balinese gold and silver smiths and are particularly a delight for divers and ocean lovers.


More than 500 million single-use plastic drinking straws are being used daily world-wide. Their decomposition takes centuries. Bamboo drinking straws on the other hand are 100% natural, washable, reusable, biodegradable and free of chemical toxins such as polypropylene and BPA. Bamboo straws can replace single-use plastic drinking straws.

Republic of soap

Republic of soap offers a collection of natural body care products exclusively based on natural ingredients. They are developed and manufactured in Bali using traditional knowledge of plants and medicinal herbs. The Amira crew buys soaps and shampoos in bulk, refilling them into smaller containers on board thus avoiding large amounts of unnecessary plastic waste.