Decks & Cabins


The 140 m² sun deck invites for sunbathing and relaxation .... and offers an ideal place to enjoy the uniquely beautiful island world of Indonesia. With plenty of sun-loungers, bean bags and deck chairs, as well as a shaded area this deck invites to chill out and enjoy the sea breeze.

Upper Deck

There are 4 guest cabins (13 m²) situated on the upper deck, each with en-suite bathroom, several windows and air-conditioning system. Also on the upper deck is the wheel house and a quiet space to relax, offering comfortable deck chairs and bean bags to enjoy the view while cruising the indonesian archipelago.

Main Deck

On the main deck is a comfortable, covered lounge that invites you to relax between dives and this space serves as our outdoor restaurant at the same time. The cozy indoor lounge holds our fish identification library and other books and additionally the briefing lounge, where all our pre-dive briefings are presented.

On the spacious front deck are a number of sun loungers covered with a sun sail to provide shade. Weather permitting, all our meals are generally served outside.

Lower Deck

On the lower deck are 5 guest cabins (each aprox.14 m²) as well as two cabins for single travelers. All cabins have a en-suite bathroom, 3 portholes, as well as an individually adjustable air-conditioning system.

On the dive deck is plenty of room for all your dive gear and everything you need for a safe dive. Each diver is assigned his/her individual dive station where the diving equipmentis kept during the entire cruise and the tanks will be filled on the spot with air or Nitrox. The camera room consists of a 9 m long work desk for all your camera gear and dive lights. With international plug sockets and extension cables, lights and fans, this is the perfect place to fiddle around with your camera gear and check your footage after a dive.


There are 9 double/twin cabins and 2 single cabin available for a max. of 20 guests. All double cabins can be arranged into twin beds or single beds. Five double cabins (14m²) as well as two single cabins (11m²) are situated on the lower deck, and 4 double cabins (13m²) are situated on the upper deck. All cabins have en-suite bathroom, a fan, and individually controlled air-condition system.