Diving with Amira

A regular dive day consists of 4 dives (3 day, 1 night) except for first and last tour days, during long crossings, or unfavourable weather conditions. Every time before heading out with the 3 dinghy to the respective dive sites, an extensive debriefing takes place on the nature of the dive site.

Every dingy is equipped with a radio transmission system, emergency oxygen tanks and each diver wears an ENOS homing device. A careefully chosen and well traned dive guide is assigned to every group (4-5 divers). Nitroz (32%) and Nitrox courses are available for a fee.

The dive deck a safe port, equipped with perfect infrastructure

Every diver is assigned a personal space on the liberally designed and fully covered dive deck. The equipment remains mounted on the tank during the whole Safari and will be filled on situ. There are rinse tanks available, spaces to place cameras etc., and there is drinking water on deck. The camera room is spacious and easily accessible.


On request Amira also offers dive courses based on PADI training guidelines.


Your security is our priority. Our primary goal is to provide safety for our guests, our crew and the boat. To achieve this we have spared no cost and no effort.

Safely built, safely operated

During the planning, construction and operation of the boat every effort was made to attain highest security standards. For example, there are emergency exits on the cabin decks, fire detectors all over the boat and a large number of fire extinguishers placed all throughout the boat. Of course there are also sufficient number of personal flotation devices and lifebuoys on board. To diminish possible interruption of operation we have all major technical equipment available in duplicate form. Equipment such as motors, generators, anchor vice, dinghies, compressor and the water filtration system to make drinking water.


Guest safety

Amira is the first boat in Indonesia to be equipped with the electronic emergency and location system ENOS. This is a particularly valuable safety measure for our guests when diving in waters with strong currents. Also available is highly secialized medical emergency equipment and we pride ourself to train our crew members in appropriate safety procedures.


We offer rebreather support (scrubber, oxygen and tanks).
More information will be send by email.

Bruno with rebreather