On board the Amira into a dive paradise

We love the island world and underwater world of Indonesia.
The amazing coral reefs. The secluded beaches and coves. The glorious sun sets.
This and much more you can experience on board the Amira, a dive boat build to meet the highest standards. Since 2010, the Amira (princess) has been sailing the Indonesian seas, always looking for new discovery tours.
Maybe next time you too will be part of it?

Discover Amira


Amira is your ticket to the most beautiful dive sites in Indonesia. We will take you to Komodo, the dragon island and its one of a kind underwater world. Or to Raja Ampat, the global center of marine biodiversity as well as Alor, a still rather unknown diving jewel in the east of Indonesia where we can find the `Holy Grail`of muck diving, the Rhinopias plus stunning reefs.  And to exclusive places and dive sites that you are able to visit only on board the Amira. An underwater experience at its best. Accommodation in style and highest comfort.