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During the visioning, planning and building of this project, the business partners developed and strictly followed the subsequent guiding principles. We remain fully dedicated to these principles.

During the construction and operation of the “Amira” high safety standards are to be followed at all times. These standards must positively enhance the safety of our guests, the crew and the boat.

Every effort is made to provide high security standards in the infrastructure, the rescue gear, the medical and first aid support material as well as guest relations and training of crew members.

For the construction of the boat only high quality material and interior decor was used. Vigilant care and careful and rigorous maintenance of the entire boat will ensure lasting satisfaction and comfort to our guests.

Particular attention is given to a well rounded and superior degree of customer satisfaction setting our operation apart from other similar businesses.

The work environment needs to be attractive to local Indonesian workers. They need to be treated at all times with respect, provided with adequate accommodation and support while on board, as well as earn a fixed income independent of tips and gratuities.

Amira Dive & Travel GmBH is committed to adhere, as much as possible, to ecological means of operations of the dive boat including the preservation of the dive sites and the prevention of unnecessary emissions. In this regard guests will be provided with valuable information. Local dive guides will be trained and educated accordingly. If possible Amira Dive & Travel GmBH will support marine biology conservation efforts in Indonesia.

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